We believe that each client's needs are unique and take an individualized approach with every case that we work. We will assign you a dedicated team of industry experts, who will work directly with you to successfully complete all of the necessary steps on your behalf.



  • Provide the level of service that you need
  • Apply the most comprehensive expert and technical resources
  • Respect your privacy and provide HIPPA compliant services
  • Provide quick and accurate response to your inquires



  • Prescreen your credentials and circumstances to provide the most complete evaluation of whether and how you should proceed with an application.
  • Produce professionally completed applications within 24-48 hour
  • Gather, verify and submit your credentials that support your application
  • Apply the best personal and technical resources in processing your applications. Once your data is in our system, we use technology to populate multiple applications and enrollment processes. Our use of technology eliminates mistakes and ensures data consistency.
  • Reduce your involvement in the process to minimize your loss of time in practice
  • Work closely with you through to successful completion of your case.



  • 48 hour account set up ready to submit medical claims
  • Coding compliance, charge capture accuracy and medical claims timely submission
  • Get you paid on denied and rejected medical claims
  • Provide real-time code check to verify claims and reimbursement rules prior to submission
  • Maximize the claims coding accuracy, minimize the risk of audit, and increase the cash flow revenue
  • Comprehensive analysis and implementation of a Charge Description Master (CDM)
  • Medical claims collection and payments arrangement
  • Reimbursement accounting and payer remittance data entry
  • Revenue Cycle Report every 30 days
  • Free cloud based EHR/EMR software
  • HIPPA compliant transactions



  • Competitive market prices.
  • We guarantee our price until the licensing or credentialing process is complete.* If you find a lower price, we will match it.
  • If you are dissatisfied for any reason, we'll refund 100% of your money—no questions asked. Our services are risk free.


Our highly trained expert advisors have experience navigating the health care regulatory environment in every state. We provide service in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Contact us today for an evaluation of your circumstances and needs, and we will put you on the path to success.